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April 09, 2015


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Thank you for the update!

I hope this doesn't disturb the osprey.

Rich Swanson

You guys are frickin' awesome!

Lin Pascarella

Thank you. Looks great, even if it is a temporary camera!


Thank you Alcoa! It is great to be able to watch these two :)!


Thanks for fixing the technical issues..much appreciated..

Hopefully this will be a "drama-free" and "successful" Osprey Season..


Thanks so much for all you have done and are doing to give us another season of watching this Alcoa osprey nest.

Carol C

Thank You. This cam looks great!!

Rachel G

Thanks, Alcoa, for the cam, and for all that you are doing to restore the video.

It's a great view of the Osprey nest and I guess that's Mrs. Osprey who is resting peacefully right now.
Have a good day, Osprey pair.

Have blessed days, everyone, and happy Osprey watching

Rich Swanson

Starting to notice that the nestbox appears to be drooping in a taco fashion. Could this become a concern later as the heat rises and the chicks gain weight?


I echo Rich's question above, what is the box made from, if it is plastic wont it go soft on very hot days?

Brenda Layberger, Badin NC

I am Pretty sure there are 3 eggs in their next...daddy was moving sticks around and exposed the 3rd egg....I know I saw it I am not dreaming.....


There was just a change in parents.. and I believe I saw three eggs as well


Poor thing is getting SOAKED!!


verified 3 egss when dad was rearranging. I believe this is the same couple from last year,,,, 95% sure of dad, 85% on mom

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