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May 26, 2015


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Rachel G

It is a hot morning for the Osprey family.
Mrs. Osprey is doing a fine job of shading the little ones with her wings spread.
One of the chicks moved out from under her and she scooted towards it as if to say,
"Come back and get in the shade."

I'm seeing a buzzard sitting on the railing right beyond; and Mr Osprey flying overhead, probably to keep an eye on the buzzard.
Good job, Daddy Osprey!

Aaron Veach

Hey I enjoy the watching the osprey's raise their young but the feed I am getting keeps buffering every two to three seconds are there problems with the cameras.

Carol C

The babies sure are cute & really growing!


Hey Aaron...

I've had the same problem since I started watching last year..

Sometimes it works fine..other times it's very frustrating..

I asked about it a couple times previously but nobody ever replied..


It is just amazing how these two have adapted to the new nest box. The wonder of nature.

Fred Collins

Something, probably a worker on the dam disturbed the parents, and the chicks were alone and up looking over the sides. Then I heard an adult "yelling" at the chicks in some code and for minutes now they are bunkered down showing only a wing. Amazing communication!


And today is one of those frustrating days..



I have not been having any trouble with camera buffering. There was a problem a few months ago with the camera and this camera is a temp. I think a new camera will be installed after fledge. maybe it is a problem with your ISP.

Darlene Nichols

.....it must be really annoying to have that buffering problem but I'm not experiencing it.....I have scant knowledge of computers, but in the past when others have complained about this, some suggestions that were made were to try another whatsis : Chrome or Firefox or Internet Explorer (which is what I use) ALSO.....run a virus cleaning program.....little help but hope you can find someone to make better suggestions

Rachel G

Bless the chicks, they are having a hot day!

So far I haven't had any problem with buffering; but I have noticed that the sound is not as good as last year.
Hope it will get better.

Happy Osprey watching, all


I watch several "Live Cams"..Ospreys..Eagles..Falcons..Loons..and this is the only one that gives me problems..

Usually use Firefox but have also used IE..

Oh well..kinda like LIFE..'Some Days Are Diamonds..Some Days Are Stones'

Rachel G

Mother Osprey is being such a devoted mother keeping her babies shaded on this hot day.

Good job, Mother Osprey

Everyone have a blessed day

Fred Collins

Mom is looking haggard. Molting? Chicks keep looking out while she's trying to shade them.

Rachel G

It's lunchtime for the chicks.
I know that wet fish tasted good to their hot little throats.
Keep them shaded, Mom

Happy Osprey watching, all

James Atwell

I am only getting sound, no picture

Rachel G

So am I
Sound, but no picture
Hopefully they will correct it soon.




It is in the 80's in this area with high humidity. I live in Johnson City, Tn. It is about 50 miles from Ashville to JC and I think Yadkin is close to Ashville. But with that sun bearing down on the birds probably feels like 110.


I am mistaken. It is about 150 miles from Ashville to the dam where the osprey are located. Closer to Charlotte, NC.


one of them is trying to feed himself.

Rachel G

The greenery that the Ospreys added to the nest looks nice.

This is a fine Osprey family; and it is such a joy to watch the chicks being fed a good supper and to see all of them on the nest together.

Thanks, Alcoa, for all that you do in bringing us these grand views.

Happy Osprey watching, all

Fred Collins

Amazing to see Mom eat what remains of a fish when there's nothing left but skin,tail and fins! She gulps that down in what seems like only one gulp! No trash left in the nest, that's for sure.


With the sad situations at both Hellgate & Dunrovin Osprey nests it's so great to see 2 healthy & thriving chicks at this nest..

Mom and Dad are EXCELLENT parents :)

Rachel G

Mom or Dad caught a very large fish this time; and the chicks are having a good lunch. They are going to be beautiful Ospreys.
I think that's Dad perched overhead of the nest just chirping away while keeping an eye on things, maybe.

Good job, Mom and Dad

Happy Osprey watching, all




Yep..it's one of those days..again..


Boy that fisherman is sure close to the dam. I thought there were markers that you weren't supposed to go past. Kind of dangerous?

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