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May 10, 2015


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Donna Millard

Great news, hope all 3 hatch this year.


What a wonderful Mother's Day. Hope to see the 2 other babies soon.


There are two babies this morning.


Jim, you posted on how to do a screen shot, I am having a problem with that. Are you talking about the key beside the alt key and the Prt Sc? Thanks


Just saw another baby chick. How sweet!

Leann Gritton

Saw both babies earlier!

Donna Millard

Great news, two chicks. Number 1 now has a play mate. Wonder if 3 will hatch tomorrow. They will be busy parents this year.


Um. Has anyone seen the dad today?


Nvm, there he is, and he brought a fish.. finally!


yes I am talking about the key beside the alt key. it should have four small squares on it. Press it and the prt sc key at the same time and that will do the trick.

Fred Collins

Chick is begging but no food available. Mom yelling for Dad to bring some.


Two little ones and an egg this morning. Thought for sure there would be three.


Only one fed at 8:30 am EST


Just watched lunch being fed, and only saw one chick getting fed the entire time. No sign of the other one at all. I'm a little worried...

Rachel G

The little osprey chick is beautiful.
I, too, only see one chick. Hope to see the others soon.
Congratulations, osprey pair, and you seem to be taking good care of your precious chick.

Happy osprey watching, all


There is just one little one. Something has happened to chick number 2. The other egg has not hatched yet. It did come a few days after the other two so there is still hope for two chicks.


Agreed, Jim, something has definitely happened to the second chick. I had the opportunity to watch quite a bit today, and saw several feedings. I only saw one chick every time. Earlier this afternoon, both parents spent quite a bit of time together on the nest, and maybe it was my imagination, but I felt like they were a little stressed, looking in the nest bowl. Hopefully the third egg will hatch soon.
They are definitely good parents this year.




You can see both chicks right now - looks like they want shade and more food :).


Looks like 2 babies this morning.


Just saw two babies, both being fed!

Rachel G

It looks like a hot day at the osprey nest.
So glad there are two chicks, and maybe we'll see a third soon.

Have a blessed evening, all

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