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May 07, 2015


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I just watched her push one of the eggs out from underneath her - it's plain to see it right by her left wing. I wonder if it's going to hatch soon?


how hot is it there?


In the 80's.


No little ones yet. 5:00pm

sue mcallister

just saw the first baby ......sunday may 10 2015

Sandra Bainbridge

1st hatch and 1st feed. Not sure if hatched at night 9/5 or early morning 10/5 don't know how to post pic.

Donna Millard

Great news, first chick hatched 10-5-15. I am not on twitter just wanted to say well done to both parents. looking forward to them all hatching this year.

Donna Millard

Hi all, can someone tell me how to take a photo on the live stream, I am not on twitter only Facebook.

Kathy T

Just a reminder people, it is May not October!!!


What a way to celebrate Mother's Day with a new chick!! How exciting.

Kathy T, I have a feeling we all know it's May, not October, but we also need to remember that this camera is being watched by people from all over the world, not just the U.S., and people have different ways of writing the date. In many countries, the date is written with the day/month/year, as opposed to our way of month/day/year. I've actually always thought "their" way makes more sense.

Can't wait to see the other eggs hatch--this year has been a lot better than last, stress wise, so far.


To capture a photo expand the live feed to full screen. when you see something you want to have a copy of push the key with four little squares on it and the key with prt sc on it at the same time. This will take a screen shot and put it in your picture files. Then you can post to fb or twitter

Donna Millard

Kathy T, Sorry but in Britain the day is put first the month second and year third, so 10th May is written 10-05-2015. You need to realise that other country's are watching this nest as well. Thank you.

Donna Millard

Thanks for the info Jim.

Carol C

Yea! Just saw the baby!

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