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May 13, 2015


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Monday morning there were 2 chicks in the nest and the 2 were fed all day. Monday night there was a storm and Tuesday, chick # 2 never showed himself all day and parents only fed the one chick. Then this morning(Wed) 2 chicks appeared and were being fed, I am assuming that was the third egg hatched because there was half an egg shell in the nest also this morning. I saw the dad pick it up and move it twice then it disappeared. I think all 3 eggs hatched and chick #2 got gone some way whether it was the storm or his mom.


I truly hope I am wrong and that the third egg is yet to hatch and the birdie I called #2 was playing hide and seek with me.


Chick #2 seems passed away. In the following video, you can see that mom were grabing its body aside at about 5:45.



Do osprey always build their nests out in the open? Why don't they build in trees to have protection from storms and the sun?


Javabird, thanks for posting that video. The day before I think I saw one of the parents accidentally step on one of the first two chicks as it was trying to get off the eggs and out of the nest bowl. I only saw one chick during the next two feedings. So sad as the parents have done such a good job this year.


I think the #3 chick died it had less fethers than the other two



watch video see two fethered babys and mom taking away one hot fethered that is #3 who did not make it


No, it's #2 died. We saw #3 just hatched yesterday morning. #2 was disappeared the day before yesterday, until we saw mom took away its body.


You are right, javabird, that it was #2 that died. There were two chicks, then there was almost an entire day with just one chick, then yesterday a newly hatched chick appeared. If it was #3 that died, then that means either #1 or #2 would have gone almost an entire day without eating anything at all, and stayed hidden. That just doesn't make sense. It had to be #2 that passed away.
Thank you for posting the video, it definitely clears things up. Sad, but these things happen. I have high hopes for the remaining two.

Carol C

No parent in the nest now. But I do see the 2 chicks. Sad about the other one. Thanks for the video. Carol

Fred Collins

Dad standing between the camera and the feeding of the chicks. Can't see who is getting the lion's share, but seem to recall from previous years that Mom feeds one until it falls over so full it can't stand and then feeds the next.


They seem to enjoy re-decorating their nest :)!


I thought I just saw 3 heads in the nest.


Happy feeding two little ones this a.m.

Rachel G

So sorry to read about the #2 chick.
Hope everything is well with the others.
It is a very hot day; but as I was looking in, I saw Mrs. Osprey doing a fine job of keeping the little ones cool.

Have a blessed day, all

Jane Radcliffe

I love seeing two chick being fed, with both parents on the nest.

Fred Collins

Notice how Mom positions herself to shade the chicks, and moves as the sun progresses from east to west.


Mom been disrupted a lot today, chicks left in the heat a lot, workers about, not good when they are this young.


4pm Mom and Babies have early supper.

jane O.

what is that God awful sound? The chicks are very upset... Noon the 20th!

Jane de Wilde

is it possible that the workers at the Alcoa Dam to do their job at another time during the day and not when its too hot. The chicks are left alone by the parents because of the workers nearby the nest on the dam. Please its only for about 2 or 3 weeks till the chicks are big enough and have their real feathers. Thanks for your cooperation


The parents are scared away by the workers. The chicks are so hot. Please, come to work in early morning or in the afternoon when the weather is not so hot.


HAHAHA those chicks are getting owned by the sun


Wow - look how big the chicks have gotten. They have really grown this week. Good parenting :)


So nice to see the babies look over the rim.

Fred Collins

I see that at least the oldest chick has learned to squirt poop out over the edge of the nest. Good job, Chick!

Rachel G

The Osprey family look so pretty in the rays of the setting sun.
The chicks are cute and are growing fast, so that means they are getting plenty of food.
Good job, Osprey pair!

Everyone have a blessed Memorial Day weekend.

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