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June 25, 2015


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Wow, that nest is going to get real small real fast with four chicks! ha ha


Holy Moly, look how big they are.
Thank you Alcoa.

Donna Millard

4 chicks, Wow, the parent are doing a great job. thanks for posting. hope they are all getting a lot of fish!

Jeff Smith

Have a home on Badin and have seen a total
of 10 active nest on the lake this year. Can't tell how many chicks in each but looks to be a bumper crop.


Wonder if this is where Oscar and Olivea wound up.

Rachel G

The chicks at Falls Dam really are filling up their nest. Pretty crowded in there.

Meanwhile at the Badin nest it's a great family viewing of Mom and chicks on this hot afternoon.
The chicks are growing to be beautiful Osprey
As always, Mom is trying to shade them with her wings; but the chicks are just too big now for her to completely cover them.
Doing a fine job, Mom and Dad

Thanks for the picture, Alcoa

Happy Osprey watching, all

Fred Collins

Dad brought in a humungus fish and Mom is having a hard time tearing chunks out of it.
Almost choked on one big bite. Chicks being patient until she finds some softer "belly" meat.

Darlene Nichols

Fred.......is there a camera on this nest ?.....or aare you in the area ?

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