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June 11, 2015


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Jane Radcliffe

Mama tries to shelter the chicks, but they are too big -- she can't cover them all!

Rachel G

Bless Mom's heart
She's doing the best she can by spreading her wings and standing over the chicks to shade them.
Good job, Mom and Dad

A nice cooling rain would help.

Have a blessed day, all

Carol C

Poor things. wish they had some shade!


Is the nest actually sagging or is it caused by the camera angle?

Darlene Nichols

.......she's doing such a good job of offering shade to the chicks......what a shame ospreys haven't evolved to build their nests in trees......would be a lot cooler.....but no, right out in the open

Fred Collins

Mom's calling for food. The chicks are fat and she looks skinny with nothing in her crop. Come on, Dad, how about a couple of big fish.

Jane Radcliffe

Wow -- the whole family together, eating, and the youngsters doing some fancy wing-flapping! Won't be long now before they really "try their wings!"

Carol C

dinner time


Is that the chick that died in the nest?

Rachel G

Hang in there, Mom
Maybe we'll get some rain soon.

Have blessed summer days, everyone


How do the chicks stay hydrated during these hot days?

Darlene Nichols

......Gary......they get all the liquids they need from the fish they're fed


She is such a great Mom, constantly shading her chicks.

Carol C

Pouring down rain but it has to feel better than that hot sun.

Rachel G

A nice summer morning after the rain

I see the chicks are flapping their wings and preening feathers.
One was moving sticks around the nest.

They are almost as big as Mom!

Happy Osprey watching, all

Fred Collins

They'll probably fledge next week. They're big and strong and flapping those huge wings.

Sara Roche

Roly and Poly have grown so quickly. It won't be long before they fledge.

Mom and Dad seem so much more settled than last year. Too bad they have to spend so much time keeping the nest safe from the vultures and other predators around the area.

I don't see any way the nest pan could have held more than two chicks--it is crowded with just two chicks.

Thanks Alcoa for providing us with such an educational experience.

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