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August 10, 2015


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Thank you so much for a wonderful, successful year of watching this Osprey family. I really enjoy checking in each day and seeing the progress of this nest, from the building of the nest to the egg laying, and finally to the fledging of the chicks.
Looking forward to next year's viewing!


Thanks so much Alcoa for the opportunity to follow these precious birds via your osprey cam. Enjoyed it last year and again this year. God's safety sweet Osprey's on your upcoming journey.

John Nelson Sr. Msgt USAF Ret.

Thanks Alcoa...
I would like to volunteer to construct wooden nest box for next year on my dime. If you would furnish exact dimensions. I live in Badin.

Rachel G

Thanks, Alcoa, for all that you do to bring us the pleasure of viewing these beautiful Ospreys every year.
It has been a wonderful season, thanks to our newer and dedicated parents who took such great care of their chicks.
Hopefully we will see them next season, or maybe even Oscar and Oliveea.

Salute to you, John Nelson Sr. Msgt USAF Ret. for your service to our country.
God bless you and yours

Everyone have blessed days ahead.


"Life Is A Journey..Not A Destination" be it humans or the animal kingdom..

Thanks to ALL involved in providing this opportunity to witness the journey of these amazing species.,

Looking forward to next Season with much anticipation and hope for GREAT happenings :)

Robert Brown

John, Thanks for the kind offer. I'll be in touch with specifics.

Lin Pascarella

Thank you, Alcoa. You bring us all such joy being able to watch these beautiful birds in their natural habitat!


Thanks Alcoa for letting us peep in to watch this wonderful osprey family. I suppose they have now all headed south.

Which side of the dam do the osprey generally fish in? I didn't see much action from the side the cam was pointed to.

Carol C

Thanks for all you do Alcoa. The Alcoa eagle nest in Davenport, Iowa had osprey in the nest today. I've never seen them here before.

Lin Pascarella

FYI, the cam has sound, but no picture (yesterday, 9/7, and today). Perhaps you turned it off, but just in case you didn't, thought I'd mention it. Love our little glimpse of life at the lake in North Carolina!

lin pascarella

Could we please see more of the lake? Thank you!

Darlene Nichols

am really anticipating the return of the osprey and am hoping for a successful season. Thanks for keeping the cam on off season, tho......I enjoy looking at the view......a tranquil and restful

Rachel G

I too enjoy looking at the lake this time of year. Thanks Alcoa
Also looking forward to seeing the beautiful ospreys as they start a new family.

Have a blessed evening, everyone

darlene nichols

...John Nelson....are you really going to construct a wooden box ?....that's a wonderful and generous offer on your part and it would be so exciting to see a natural nesting box reminiscent of the old one. I really hope this actually happens and I'm sure many of us who watch these precious birds join me in the hope of seeing one this season........thanks for your offer


Why is the water that red colour?

darlene nichols

hello out there.......is anyone alive ?....if so, do you have any knowledge of whether or not the cam will be turned on......and if so, when ?

Lynda R

How are the updates coming? Will we see the live feed of the nest soon?

jimmie russell

Welp, Alcoa had osprey porn on the cam this morning. Mama was fertilized right there on cam.

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