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April 06, 2016


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Sandra Bainbridge

Please can we have the view over the lake until hatching is due.

Donna Millard

Great News! hope all 3 survive this year. Be a busy nest if they do.

Rachel G

Congratulations, Osprey pair on your third egg.
This is a fine Osprey family, and a great watching season for us all!

Carol C

I just checked in for the first time this year. Never knew they could have 3. Is this the same pair as last year?

Rachel G

I can't tell if this is the same pair as last year; but I hope they are a devoted pair to their chicks.
So far they seem to take good care of the eggs.
Beautiful day here at the lake!


Have we lost the SOUND??


is that an egg up on the left of where Oliveea is nesting?


It appears to be :( Wonder what happened..

Barbara Gagliardo

Sound is gone.


Would be nice if someone would take a moment and answer our questions about the loss of sound..PLEASE?


I love watching the Davenport Iowa eagles nests, their (Alcoa) employees update daily and sometimes twice. if I miss something, they relay it, this site has not been updated since the 6th!!


PLEASE someone bring back the sound.

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