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May 18, 2016


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thank you for the update. I hope the workers can give us some good news that there is at least one chick :)!

Donna Millard

Thanks for the update, hopefully all is well at the nest.


yes we are disappointed, however, the safety of the nest is number 1!!!


Awww dang! Well i hope there is at least 1 and when it gets bigger maybe some workers can see it. Hope the cam is back next year!


Don't forget there are 2 other great Osprey Nest Cams to view:

Hellgate Canyon with Iris & Louis

Dunrovin Ranch with Harriett & Hal


There is also Charlo Montana nest Char and Clark
Nelson BC nest with Nellie and TR
Bremen, ME nest with Rachel and Steve
Chesapeake Bay with Tom and Audry
Wolf Bay cam at Orange Beach AL

There are many, many Osprey cams all over the world to watch. Enjoy!

Carol C

I hope the one chick does survive.


It's been over a week since the camera went kaput..

How about an update you mentioned?

Any chicks??


Yes, we haven't had any updates since you said you would give updates. Is there any news about the nest you can share. Were there ever any chicks that hatched?


Poor communications about this nest. Someone could take 5 minutes to update your followers.


Any update would be greatly appreciated. This nest always provides some of the earliest results due to it's location in a more southern region. Northern nests are just starting to produce hatchlings. These little ones would probably be a couple of weeks old already, if they hatched. Thank you for all that you do for us ospreyholics! We understand that this is an all volunteer nest, and it is not anyone's responsibility to keep us all in the loop, but we do appreciate you!


Will the camera run this year?

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