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May 10, 2016


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Thanks for the update. Just when I commented that Dad was not pulling his weight, he shows up! Good to see that he is okay.
Hoping to see a little chick's head soon.

Rachel G

I hope we do too. The little osprey chicks are so beautiful.
It's a hot day for the ospreys.
Earlier I saw a lot of large blackbirds sitting on the railings just beyond the nest. There was not an osprey on the nest at the time.
I was hoping everything was okay. I'm glad to see one on the nest now.


Starting to think they will have no chicks this year. ='(


Whenever I check in I only see Mom..have not seen Dad in a long time..

Don't think Mom is getting fed which doesn't bode well for her or the eggs..

Linda G

It is 4:30AM & there isn't an adult on the nest. Has something happened?


Camera on my view is not working. Shown is night view with lights on.

Donna Millard

View is not working, for the last 24 hours just seeing night view, has something happened to the Osprey and eggs?


I hope they let us know soon what has happened and update us on the nest.


The people at the Alcoa Eagles Nest Cam would have updated the viewers ASAP..

The people at this site..not so much..

Hard to believe both cams are sponsored by Alcoa..

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