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June 09, 2016


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Rachel G

Sorry to read the sad news about the Ospreys; but will stay hopeful for a successful season next spring.

Thanks, Alcoa, for all that you do to bring us this remarkable viewing experience every year.


Thank you for the update. Too bad there are no chicks this year. Seems lots of nests have had bad luck this season.
As always, I'll check back in next season. Hopefully the camera will be working and we will get to see a successful season.
Thanks for making it possible every year.


Thank you and sorry to hear the sad news, This ahs happened to us in Pa with the Bald Eagles last year and this year we had babies, so it will work it self out with Mother Nature. see you next year.


I'm so sorry about the chicks. Maybe better luck next year. Thank you for letting us know!

Lin Pascarella

Thank you for the updates and all the effort Alcoa has put into maintaining this nest and cam. Will look forward to next season! In the meantime, am watching the 3 cuties at Bremen, Maine.


This has been a very, very sad year for MANY birds. I love watching these sites and this year has been terribly unsuccessful for many of our feathered friends. Stay safe where ever you are and hope to see you thriving next year. :'(

Mary Williams

Been checking back and still no cam. Are you going to activate yet this year?


8/10/16 no notices, no camera, are you taking the site down?

Lin Pascarella

03/30/17 Still can't find anything online about the Yadkin Narrows Dam osprey nest. We all are hoping for a 2017 return of our favorite site!


Found a site, angelcam, but unable to get it to produce any picture. Keep getting an error message. ????

Violet M

so was there any success?http://estates.uonbi.ac.ke/

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